what is unicast address

alt.certification.ciscoGiven the choices below, which address represents a unicast address?


I know the right answer is 'E',while I want to know sth about unicast address.

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An unicast address corresponds to a single interface on a single host, while a multicast address can correspond to multiple hosts. Unicast addresses range goes from to, but of course not all of them are usable. What do you want to know?

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A unicast is simply an address that points to one particular host, as opposed to multiple, or even all, hosts like a multicast or broadcast. Here is how your list breaks down:

Since the first octet of this address is 224 it falls in the multicast range so it is not a unicast address.

This is the target MAC address of a broadcast, so again, not a unicast.

This one is here to trick you. If you work out the subnet it is through Since is the last IP in the range, it is the broadcast address. In binary, all the host bits are ones. So this address actually referes to all of the hosts in the subnet and not just one.

This represents a broadcast address sent to anyone who is listening on a shared network segment.

Again, if we work out the subnet here the range includes through Since falls in between those two numbers, it is a host IP. In other words, it referes to one particular host, making it a unicast address.

Hope that helps,


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thanks all of you,i think i get what i need!

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