Should I be able to see wireless router without cable connection?

I bought a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router and a WMP54GS wireless NIC so I would not have to run wires to my computer when I get broadband cable service. I have Windows XP.

While waiting the several days for for the ISP to activate the connection to my house, I thought I would see if I could get the wireless link to work. I have not had much luck.

Should it be possible for me to see the router through the wireless link the way I can through an ethernet cable? So far, all I get is a NIC icon with a red X on it in the tray. If I select "View Available Wireless Networks" from the icon menu, and then click "Refresh network list", it tells me "No wireless networks were found in range". I did set the channel in the device manager properties to the same as the router configuration.

Is it necessary for there to be a live Internet connection on the other side of the router before the wireless part will work? The card works because I put it in a computer at work and it saw the wireless network there.



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You have to configure your wireless connection on BOTH ends. The "wireless" part of the router is not active when it leaves the factory. You need to log into the wireless router to configure a wireless connection. The way to do that would be to hook up a WIRED ethernet connection between the router and a PC. Then fire up a web browser and type in the url of the router's menu system. In there, you will have to specify what type of wireless connection (b/g/whatever), level of encryption, shared key, whatever you want.

Then in the computer with the wireless access card/NIC, you need to set the wireless card's software settings to match whatever settings you programmed for your wireless connection in the router. But even before you configure the wireless access card, the wireless access card SHOULD see the wireless router, if the two are compatible at all. But right NOW, your wireless router is essentially turned off, even though it is plugged in and powered up. So of course your wireless access card sees nothing. -Dave

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