i can't see my ssid...

okay, here is my general problem... i have an xp sp2 setup with a
wmp54gs wirelessly connecting to a wrt54gs v2 latest thibor 14 firmware
ap/router and within the last week or so, i cannot see my ssid no
matter what i try... i also have a couple of wireless b laptops that
can see my ssid without a problem when they connect to this
ap/router... i can't even see my neighbors ssid's much less my own and
i know they are out there...
now the funny thing is, is that even though i cannot see the ssid from
this wireless nic, i can still connect to the net... i'm not sure of
WZC is broken adn if so, how can it be fixed...? hell, i've never seen
this problem before so i'm a little stumped about what to do... in the
mean time, i've resorted to using the linksys nic client to see my ssid
and other ssid's, so i'm not using WZC at the moment, but i'[d like to
get back to that if i can...
thanks for bearing with my whining and hopefully some of you guys here
might have an answer...
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