linksys problem, ipconfig NULL after IT "fix"

Hi, I have a computer I bought from an old employer. My linksys router at home worked fine, until I started a new consulting job, where they don't have wireless.

At first, when we plugged in the internet to the laptop at work, nothing worked. IT did some things at the DOS prompt, and voila the hardwired internet connection *at work*, worked.

Problem is, I come home where the linksys is, and no go. The Linksys configuration tool shows the laptop can see the wireless router and the network "linksys" is 100%, but it stops there. No internet.

I called RCN tech support and they said to do an "IPconfig", and when I did, all I got was the banner for my operating system "windows 2000 blah blah blah", and apparently, there is supposed to be an IP address that spits out on an IP config?

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Basically- wireless works, go to work with no wireless and connect to internet -> screws up your IP address?! thanks for any info! I think I'm screwed! Michelle

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Did they give you a static IP address at work?

At work - what ip address does ipconfig show for the wired? At home - what ip address does ipconfig show for the wired?

I use NetSwitcher

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- it's a great program for maitaining and switch to/from different configurations. I recommend it very much.

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yOU *should have* made them tell you what they did :-(

Here's the deal: you get an IP address either from IT (i.e. static) OR from DHCP service (i.e. from your local 'gateway'). The trick is to make your at-home 'gateway' use the **same IP address** as the gateway at work.

Do an IPCONFIG from the DOS prompt first at work, then at home, and if still confused, post both here. - RM

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