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I need to set up a switch to control outdoor lighting of a long driveway - up to 200 ft. The lighting system is 12 vdc and it is controlled by a switch at one end of the driveway, only. I'd like to be able to switch it on/off from both ends.

If I were to change the switch to an x10 (or similar) device with remote capability, will the remote have sufficient range to switch the system on/off from a distance of up to 200 ft? What is the practical limit on range of the remote unit? Is the range diminished by cold (the switch will be located in an unheated garage

- winters can easily be - 30C)? Finally, is the unit strictly line-of-site or RF?


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You might be able to replace the switch with an RR501 which has a relay which can be operated by RF or by X-10 PLC signals. The relay can switch the


However, 200 foot range for the RF is probably marginal even if you have an unobstructed line of sight.

Cold should not bother the RR501 as l>I need to set up a switch to control outdoor lighting of a long

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Its not the distance to the switch that is important its the distance to the base station.

With X10 there is receiver unit which is plugged into the wall. When one of the transmitters sends a radio signal the receiver sends a control signal via the power lines in the house that is "heard" by the requisite unit(s). You therefore want the receiver placed as centrally as possible with little or no metal between it and your transmitters.

I've also had some problems where the receiver works or doesn't work depending on which plug it is plugged into. I have a hunch it is related to the two different hot leads that are in your typical residential house. If the reciever is on one hot and the controler is on the other then the signal won't get though unless its going through ground or neutral, which I doubt.

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You can get a V572 transceiver in an outdoor enclosure that should be able to handle a 200 foot range just fine -

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