Thanks, Robert Bass

I just wanted to post a note about the great experience I had with Robert Bass of

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I am a novice when it comes to wiring (my alarm system was might first wiring project) and he was very helpful in spec'ing out a system for our needs. More importantly, he gave great support after the sale, walking me through some rough spots during the installation process. All in all, it was a great experience, and I look forward to working with Bass Burgular Alarms in the future.

Thanks Robert!


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Robert Krimen
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Only because I usually lurk at Google groups. I always find want I'm looking for so I never need to post. If I do need more information, I e-mail directly.

Besides, I don't like getting suck'd into the flamewars, drama, and trolls that are a part of the Usenet experience. :)

Feel free to Google groups for "Robert Krimen", there are some posts of mine from back-in-the-day on some game newsgroups.

Best, Rob

Doug Fitzpatrick wrote:

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Robert Krimen

Welcome to Usenet. I see this is your first posting ever with this address.

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Doug Fitzpatrick

Thanks for the kind words, Robert.

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