Plug-In X-10 Filter Recommendation?

I have discovered that my recently purchased LCD TV, when turned-on, interferes with X-10 control of a light on the same circuit. If the TV is off, X-10 works. If on, X-10 does not.

So I am thinking about using a plug-in filter. If I understand their use, I would want to plug the TV into the filter and then the filter into the wall. Is this correct?

Right now, the TV plugs into a surge suppressor (along with a computer) and then the surge suppressor into the wall. Is it better to put the filter between the suppressor and the wall or between the tv and the suppressor? I'd think that the latter configuration would require a filter rated for fewer amps than the former configuration. The tv specs say that it uses 130 watts when on and less than 1 watt in standby (off).

Checking online (smarthome, ebay) I see 5 amp, 10 amp, and 15 amp plug-in filter units. I see at least Leviton, FilterLinc, ACT, and X10 Pro brands of plug-in filters. Any recommendations on what size and brand to use?


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David White
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