New X-10 Installaiong in a garden

Hi all,

I am builing a 2 tier retaining wall in my front yard and will be installing within the wall 24x 240V brick lights, these lights will conneect up to three X-10 Relay Receivers (DIN mounted) modules p/n AD10.

The DIN modules will be installed into a new IP66 rated distribution board that I will also be installing that will connect directly to my Mains box and will be protected by a Earth Leakage Circuit breaker and Surge protector. Local rules in Australia require for the conduit to be layed below ground to a minimum depth of 50cm, I m in the process of digging the trenches however I have run into a problem, I need to run the conduit underneath pathway and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to do this besides breaking the pathway.

I was thinking of using a metal tube and a heavy hammer to hit the tube under the path into the soil to create a channel to run the conduit through or using a wooden steak to do the same.

If there is an easier way to do this aside from pulling the path up and there are any gurus who can help with advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance.


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