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I need a a web filter appliance to limit browsing on our network. Our Netgear VPN router filters up to 20 URLs, but I want the ability to filter a much larger list (e.g. several hundred URLs). Any recommendations?

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Just about any firewall will do this, try any firewall appliance, and I don't mean those cheap NAT routers.

The cheapest solution I know, without being a certified firewall, is the DFL-700, you can blacklist everything with an *.com *.net etc... then white list what you want, and it holds hundreds.

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I have a very similar situation (with a netscreen 5gt firewall). I also have a Barracuda antispam box for mail, which I like very much; very easy to manage (which I cannot say for the netscreen!). I have been looking at a Barracuda 210 Webfilter/spyware firewall. It has the same nice interface. It is not a firewall at all, but a dedicated appliance for webfiltering and spyware prevention. The 210 is around$1600, unlimited users, and a yearly sub for the database updates is around $400 (in the spam box these are updated hourly and work very well) gr

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I use this with great success on my network. You will need a decent PIII or greater box with at least 256mb of memory. and at least two NIC cards. Latest version of IPcop firewall:

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Latest version of urlfilter. you'll need to know how to use sftp to copy the urlfilter tar file over to the IPcop firewall untar/ungzip and run the install script

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To subscribe to a URLblacklist, I subscribe to:
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has worked well for me for the past two years.

Best of Luck!


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