Does Leviton Intellisense really help?

Does Leviton's Intellisense really help to make their X10 receivers more noise-resistant or is it just a marketing buzzword.

I have the new RadioShack lamp modules 61-3002 that work about 96% of the time, but sometimes they stop working for a few seconds, probably due to noise on the power line. I was thinking about replacing them with Leviton's HCP03-10W to improve the reliability but am not sure it would really help.

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Jiri Kripac
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ACT used to do a demonstration at trade shows with a basic X10 switch, a switch with AGC, another with "Intellisense" and yet a fourth being their own A10 product. All were wired in parallel to the same hot wire and each had a light bulb connected between the swith and a common neutral. Also connected were a Mini-Controller and a "noise generator" to add line noise in measured steps. With the noise generator off, all responded. As the noise was increased the basic X10 stopped working first, then the AGC equipped switch and finally the Intellisense equipped unit till only the A10 was left working. So, at least under the demonstration conditions, the Intellisense did prove more reliable than the basic X10 unit. However, I join with Dave in recommending that you try and find the cause and use a filter first. An active repeater might also be helpful.

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Thanks a lot for the info. I do have Leviton HCA02-10E repeater/bridge connected.

I am not able to figure out what may be the cause of the infrequent black-outs that last about 5 seconds each and sometimes there is a cluster of several of them. It sometimes happens when there are no suspicious devices running, actually all the devices and lights are off. But I do have surge protectors and other dimmers on the power line, though they are all off. And the neighboring houses are at least 100 yards away.

Sometimes it seems that Leviton receivers do behave little bit more reliably than RadioShack receivers, but it is difficult to measure because the black-outs are infrequent and are over in a few seconds.

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