Leviton vs. X10.com decora light switches

I am looking for X10 decora dimmer switches.

The X10.com Decora dimmer switch (WS12A) at $19.99 is *significantly* cheaper than the Leviton version (HCM06-1SW) priced at $48-55.

Do mechanical quality differences or "Intellisense" merit the premium pricing of Leviton?

Which would you buy?

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Jeffrey J. Kosowsky
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I do not know (had disappointments with Leviton X10 products recently), but I bought several HCM06-1SW at

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for $40 each. I also had excellent experience with this store - needed to replace several items (made by Leviton) that were not working up to the advertised specification, and they were very helpful to suggest replacement items and agree with the replacement.

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Jiri Kripac

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