Leviton routers too slow?

Having just gone to the trouble to wire my house and home office with cat 5e gigabit wire out of a very nice Leviton panel and buying Leviton "Gigamax" RJ45 wall ports that support 5e+, I discover Leviton switches are only rated to 100 meg speed. Hadn't bought these yet.

Should I forget about Leviton and buy a "real" gigabit switch? A Netgear, Linksys, etc., gigabit switch only runs $50-$200 (obviously depending on the number of ports).

Of course this assumes I haven't screwed up my wiring and limited my throughput. Mostly I'm doing home office but if my teenagers figure out they can stream through this wiring I'll probably appreciate the speed.


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Your concern about Gigabit speed available in your network is valid. However, in a residential environment these days there is typically no application that may benefit from having 1Gbit/s throughput. If you are using the network for Internet access, you are limited to the speed of your ISP, which would be up to 3Mbit/s (one way) with a good cable service. Most PCs you can buy for your home use come with 10/100Mbit/s NIC cards. All networked printers I know of have 100Mib/s as the top speed.

So, with that said, the reason you installed the CAT5E cabling in your house would not be to immediately start using Gigabit, but rather to prevent you from going through that trouble couple years down the line when Gigabit bandwidth will be actually required.

At that time you can replace the 10/100 switches with 1G ones, and you can bet they'll be as inexpensive as 10/100 are today.

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Gigabit is gross overkill for home usage. I've been using 100Base- T for over five years, and haven't come close to maxing it out.

If you feel you absolutely have to have gigabit, use it as a pipeline to any servers you have, and stick with 100Base-T for workstations. It'll save you a ton of $$.

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Thank you very sincerely for your responses.

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