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I'm planning on re-wiring my telephone wiring ::frum:: tha Service Box
or NID
(*N*etwork *I*nterface *D*evice) becawz, instead of having to
have a "DSL
Filter" at e'vry phone jack in tha house, I'm planning on
installing a _*DSL*_
_*S**plitt**er*_ to split tha "DSL" (Data) signalz
(linez) frum tha "Voice"
signalz (linez) ::before:: any of tha linez
even enter tha house ... ( I'm gonna
be replacing the original
"CAT::*3*::" wiring with new CAT::*5*::_e_ ) ...

I'd LIKE to get tha kind (of DSL Splitter) that installz _*inside*_ the
(Service Box) ::rather than:: one that installz or comez in a
"separate" box -
even if I have to buy a *new* NID ( ::*!*:: ) - but
I'm considering ::_all_::

I currently have a "*Keptel*" (brand) NID (*N*etwork *I*nterface
*D*evice) ...
It's Model # _*SNI*_-_*4600*_ ... ( I believe it's tha
SAME az a "*C**orning*"
brand model ) ... It looks like it haz (tha)
"capacity" to hold up to about a
half dozen (diff'rent) phone (line)
"modulez" ( unless there'z supposed to be a
"s p a c e" in-between each
module, in which case it would only have tha
capacity for just 3 or 4
(line) "modulez" ) ...

I've heard about DSL Splitterz that are made to install ::_inside_:: of
(certain) NIDz (Service Boxez) and (so) I wuz hoping to be able to get
one like
that for mine ( but, like I said, I'm considering ::_all_::
optionz::!:: ) ...

I'd like to hear frum uther peeps who have already wired their phone
system(z) like this ( or ::had:: them wired this way ) - whether
they installed
tha Splitter "*inside*" their NID(z) (Service Box(ez))
or ::not:: ...

'Any advice you can offer me::*?*::

What type (brand) of DSL Splitter did you uze::*?*::  Where did you
it::*?*::  and ::where:: did you get it::*?*::  and, most
importantly, iz it
working "satisfactorily" for you::*?*::


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