wireless g camera recorder?

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Probably not the correct NG but WTH, let's give it a try.

A friend called today and was going to purchase a home security
camera/system.  A cheap one.

I suggested a G wireless camera.  He has a broadband line and a computer.
If he purchases a motion sensitive, wireless g camera and streams it over
the Internet, is there a program that will record the stream, remotely,
while the camera is streaming?  In other words,  we are looking for a device
that would record the stream while there is movement and then time out or
quit because there is no movement.

Thanks in advance,

Dave H.

Re: wireless g camera recorder?

Axis Video Servers and Cameras have software either embeded in them
for motion detection alarm events (such as sending an email) or
triggering of recording software.

I belive they now have a free version of software that records 1
camera, and to record multiple IP cameras simotaneously you have to
buy it.  See www.axis.com

Also take a look at Picture History, free software that saves a
picture every few seconds from multiple Axis/IP camera devices, see

Windows XP also has a powertoy called Webcam Timershot for use with
USB webcams, see

Re: wireless g camera recorder?

On Mon, 21 May 2007 21:25:25 GMT, "DH" <xxxdaveoh@swbell.net(axe the
x's)> wrote:

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G-Wiz.  Perhaps an 802.11g IP camera?

I can't really guess your requirements, application, or price range.
Therefore, I suggest you look at:
and use the search tool to find a suitable wireless or wired IP
network camera.  With an IP camera, the motion detection is usually in
the camera.  With ordinary video cameras, it's usually in the DVR
software or video server box.

For just the software, search with Google for "security DVR software"
and "surveillance software".  I'm not very familiar with any specific
application and can't offer much help with features and functions.

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