VPN Router/Client that works with Vista 64-bit

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I'm trying to find a router for a small office that has VPN
functionality.  There will only be one client computer connecting to
this VPN, but it's using Vista 64-bit.  I haven't been able to find
any routers (linksys, d-link, netgear) that come with a vpn client
that works with the 64-bit versino of Vista.  Can anyone recommend a
basic router that works well with 64-bit vista?  Please let me know
what client software you use as well.  thanks

Re: VPN Router/Client that works with Vista 64-bit
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Fortigate with Forticlient VPN client software.
Both XP 64-bit and Vista 64-bit (as well as other modern windows).

SafeNet should also have their 64-bit VPN client out by now, although
I haven't tried it. This should be able to connect to just about any
IPsec VPN termination device. This is what Juniper OEMs anyway for
their Netscreen Remote, although their tested list is alot smaller.

Cisco ASA with their AnyConnect client software. (mostly SSL VPN, but
has some IPsec aspects to it as well).

Re: VPN Router/Client that works with Vista 64-bit
Jeff wrote:

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--Do you still need help?  
Joe Harris (author of Cisco Network Security, Little Black Book),
unfortunately Cisco isn't going to help us out.  Joe makes a
recommendation though, check out his blog:
http://6200networks.com/2008/09/12/ipsec-64-bit-vpn-client /

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You may have noticed that the Cisco IPSec VPN Client does not currently
support 64-bit Operating Systems nor will it. If you have a need for an
IPSec Client that does have 64-bit OS support, NCP Secure Communications
has a Universal VPN Client that is 64 Bit compatible and will even
import/convert your existing .pcf profiles for a seemless migration to a
64-bit client. More information regarding their products can be found by
visiting their products page as well as specific configuration information
related to configuring their client with Cisco products is found here: NCP
to Cisco Config Guide

NCP engineering (www.ncp-e.com) is recommended and this looks like the
most recent data sheet-- http://tinyurl.com/6rjqmv (second page is the
detail)  Hope this helps

- VPN Haus Administrator

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