IPv6 Header 64 bit aligned

Trying to understand this ..when I look at the IPv6 header format,
it is 32 bit long, but then it was described as 64 bit aligned. What
does 64 bit aligned mean?
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It means that every field in the header will starts at 64th bit........
For example, field 1 starts at 0 bit...... field 2 starts at 64th bit.... field 3 starts at 128bit, field 4 starts at 192bit... field 5 starts at 256bit... and so on...
They designed this way because they expect all future CPU will be 64bits capable (or is it now?). 64bits processors are more efficient if it is aligned 64bit.... 32bit processors are more efficient if it is 32bit aligned.. and so on....
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Guan Foo Wah
Thanks Wah!
Guan Foo Wah wrote:
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