Yamaha DVX-C300 - TV Volume Issue

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In TV mode I cannot get sound unless I almost max out the volume
Sometimes when I switch from Tuner or DVD mode (Yamaha DVX-C300) to TV
mode there is no TV sound at all and I have to revert to using the TV
internal speakers versus external speakers (Yamaha DVX-C300).

The Yamaha works well in DVD and Tuner mode.
In Tuner mode the Yamaha's volume is the loudest of any source - at
the same volume setting. When I switch to Tuner mode the volume jumps

Yamaha DVX-C300
JVC TV AV-32260
Motorola Digital Cable Box DCT-1700

I have used the Reset function on the Yamaha a couple of times.
I have set the speaker Volume on the Yamaha setup thinking that it
would increase the base volume for the TV.
I programmed the Yamaha remote for my TV and after the Yamaha Reset I
did not program it again since everything seems to be just fine except
for the TV volume. Actually the TV remote functions better after the
Yamaha Reset except for the volume.
I have struggled with this for over a year spending hours and hours at
it. It's a nice unit but this problem has been very frustrating.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


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