outdoor volume control?

Anyone have an opinion on whose outdoor volume controls to use? Niles and Russound both make the typical single-knob weatherproof variety. Any idea on which one's better than the other?

The idea here is to take line-out from a nearby a-bus zone and run it through an amplifier suitable for driving the various rock and planter style speakers. Each pair being on it's own volume control. There will be another slaved a-bus keypad driving a pair near the hot tub so as to get IR control of it's volume levels. The rest should be sufficient with just plain knob control.


-Bill Kearney

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The WALT-x from Russound works flawlessly. I've installed both Niles and Russound for many years. IMO they're virtually identical. I currently sell Russound and I don't sell Niles but only because Niles is not available through my distributors.

That will work fine. Be sure to set the impedance for the number of pairs. If it's not exact, err on the side of higher impedance (greater "x").

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Robert L. Bass

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