PIX 501 help please!

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I am new to the Cisco PIX 501. I am having difficulty setting it up on my
highspeed cable connection.
Running Cisco PIX 501
Version 6.3.3

Bascially it's like this:  Cisco was config'd to our network information at
work.  I brought it home and ran a hyperterminal to it.  Once connected I
ran the 'write erase' command.  this as I understand it sets everything back
to factory.  I then entered 'reload' and the PIX rebooted. Once it was back
up It asked me if I wanted to config through interactive prompts... i said
yes and set a domain name, inside  ip address (
and a host name.

Now there are 2 issues:
1) the PIX will not pick up the current dynamic IP set to me from the ISP.
(tried straight through and  X-Over cables from PIX to modem)
Confused:  The 'Getting Started' Guide tells me that by default (straight
from the box or set to factory) nothing from the outside will flow through
to the inside. BUT some online documentation says that by default the
outside interface is set as a DHCP client and that the 'out of the box'
config should be fine 'as it is' for SOHO environemnts, it also says that
the only reason that you want to configure the pix outside of the defaults
is in the case of special environments like setting up VPN's etc.  ??
2)The biggy:  I CANNOT connect to the .
What I have tried:
a. Cabling: X-Over and striaght from PC to PIX ports 1-4
b. Checking the LEDs on the pix to ensure connection, there is a solid green
on the interface that my pc is connected to.  Also when i pull that cat5 XP
tells me there is a cable unplugged so I know the connection is there.
c. Making sure that my browser can view ssl pages.  it can,  i also disabled
Norton Internet Security (just in case)
d.The PC is set to obtain IP automatically.  I had to later go back to the
PIX through Hyperterminal and setup an inside DHCP pool because the PIX
wasn't doing by 'factory default'. IPCONFIG /release /renew = IP from PIX.
OK.  so I should be able to get to that now
right?  Wrong!

What the f*?# am I missing here!

Sorry for the long post.

Any help would be great.

Re: PIX 501 help please!

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Have you tried connecting thru the console?
Plug in the console cable and login thru hyperterminal.
once you get logged in, you should see something ike pix501>
Type in enable and press enter, when it prompts for the password, just
press enter becasue you haven't set one yet.
then type in config t and press enter, this should set you in
configuration mode.
type in enable dhcpd and press enter, if you get an error then you have
some sort of connectivity issue between your internet connection and
your PIX
if you get back to a command line prompt, then type in write mem, press
enter and it should write the configuration to memory.
Pull up th eWindows Command prompt, Strt>RUn>cmd and release your IP
address or type in ipconfig and see what information pulls up. If
nothing pulls up or you  get teh generic auto configuration, then you
have a different issue which is more than likely tied to the NIS you
said you were using. You must shut down ALL Norton related services not
just the firewall monitor itself. Or better yet, uninstall it. The
PIX501 is a great SOHO firewall.

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Re: PIX 501 help please!
Thank-you for replying.
I have since resolved the issue:
As i said, I  tried all of that, When i typed 'write erase' it was from a
hyper terminal console.  That actually sets it back to factory BUT Cisco
ships them with the following settings:
Outside interface set to auto and to dhcp.
Inside set to 100full and with a default range IP pool
and sets the route for dhcp.
I actaully had to reload the terminal after the 'write erase' and then go
back into enable and type: 'configure factory-default' this ran for about 30
seconds and configured everything the way the documantation said it would =
cool  because this allowed me to connect to the internet and assign an IP
dynamically from the PIX to my PC, It also solved the issue.

I appreciate your response.. I honestly didn't think anyone would...cool.

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