Performance issues on a 7204VXR/NPE-G1

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We have a 7204VXR router with an NPE-G1 serving as our gateway router. We c
urrently are connected to one ISP, one BGP peering session on which we rece
ive a single default route, and another on which we receive a small table o
f Internet2 routes.  

Lately, we seem to be having some performance issues. We seem to have troub
le during the day getting more than about 330 to 340 Mbps of traffic (about
 30-40kpps). The cpu util. percentage is in the 70s. The external facing in
terfaces shows an increasing number of overruns and ignoreds.  

Should this be able to handle a bit more traffic than it is? Could somethin
g be configured incorrectly? We haven't really been experiencing many issue
s with performance up to this point.

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