Port Forwading, Telnet and AIX 4.3.3

Maybe it's a simple thing I've overlooked, but here's the situation:

IBM RS/6000 Server running on AIX 4.3.3 in a LAN enviroment with IP Address PC users are accessing the server with PuTTY using the TELNET protocol (port 23) I've tried to access it from out of building offices using port forwarding on a SpeedTouch 780 modem, but when I open PuTTY with the ip address of the modem and port 23, it access me to the Speedtouch instead of the server.

Followed the instructions on PortForward.com on configuring the modem.

What could be wrong?


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RichieTJ wrote in part:

This sounds like a bit of a security issue. The modem is accepting configuration commands from its WAN side.

You should find a setting on the Speedtouch config to turn off external administration. Then it should allow the telnet requests through.

telnet is generally depracated these day in favor of ssh.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

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