What hardware am I going to need?

I just moved into a new house and my roommate has DSL installed in one of our rooms. What am I going to need (hardware wise) to bring the signal into another room in the house? I have a desktop and laptop that I would like to be able to connect to the DSL. The laptop has wireless capabilities (802.11b), so it would be nice to utilize that as well. So basically I would like to take 1 DSL line and connect 2 desktops (network cable) and 1 laptop (wireless) Thank you.


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My first question is, what hardware do you have? Does the DSL modem connect to his PC with ethernet, or is it a USB or internal modem? If it's ethernet, a router with 802.11b wireless can be had for less than $50 that will let you connect 1-4 PCs via ethernet, and more via wireless. If the modem is USB or internal, the answer gets more complicated.

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Rick Wintjen

A DSL connection normally can't be split. One modem on the premises per DSL line. You will need to work with your roommate on setting up a LAN.

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