Useage: DSL with two Modems

I have SBC DSL. I am wondering if I can have two modems connected to my phone line at one time and access them both at the same time?

I use wireless for my laptop and the connection is bad in parts of my house. I was thinking I could have second modem connected so that I could get a stronger wireless connection where I do most of my laptop work without affecting my PC that is connected via ethernet. thanks for your time, Robert

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One DSL modem per provisioned telephone line. It is a technical limitation.

I think you can find wireless repeaters. Set one up in another part of the house where it is within range of a wireless access point, and can be seen by the laptop as a wireless access point. Radio telephony types would call it a "repeater"; I think it is like the "retrans" setup we used in hilly terrain in the Army.

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