Sprint DSL disconnecting

Greetings, I have been trying to use a chat/webcam software with my newly acquired dsl, which had been working fine with dialup. After about 15 to 20 minutes, it cuts off my connection with the internet, no email, no web pages, no nothing, while the modem still shows a connection(lights) The dsl provider(Sprint) says that it is still connected on their end. The only way to get internet back is to reboot the modem. I am presently in contact with the modem mfg. support, and they gave me some configuration suggestions but it is still doing the same thing.. Program support has helped all they can and thinks that it is the modem. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Different modem? etc. Thanks,

XP Pro Zyxel modem model#SP-645M-A1

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How hot is it? I had mine sitting on top of a router, it got quite hot. Moving it so no heat source was underneath it made the difference..

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