Security Holes with bridged PPPoE on 4200

Iv'e been trying different modem/router settings on my Speedstream 4200 and checking port access after a change.

Which is better bridged PPPoE which is the only way I could get PPPoE to work or PPPoA, I've checked references and and although PPPoE is better for linking private networks etc it doesn't appear to have any other benefit.

Possibly the security problem is due to PPPoE allowing other users access due to the fact it's bridged.

I use Sygate personal firewall and also have the 4200 firewall set to Icsac, Port forwarding on and Upnp to IGD which is configurable even when bridged, with bridged PPPoE, port 113 Dcom is open and Sygate returns a probe which could also cause a problem by revealing my address.

Using PPPoA not bridged all my ports are stealthed even with Sygate off and all the other options,IGD etc enabled.

I also noticed the send /receive speeds were slower with bridged PPPoE although information indicates it because the other end has to retrain ?.

Thanks in advance.


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Greg Harper
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Greg Harper wrote on 8/15/2006 2:16 AM:

Who is your service provider? There are VERY few in north america offering PPPoA as an option.


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