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I was wondering what routers people have had good luck with. This is for a DSL connection for a small business. We will have some machines on static global IP addresses and some will be assigned private addresses. Here's what we're looking for:

1) Wireless access is a plus. We don't currently plan any wireless machines, but we might in the future. 2) Must be able to handle both static IP addresses and NAT. (We'll have a few servers that are statically assigned IP address and several machines that will be assigned internal addresses.) 3) Configurable firewalling.

It will be operated by very networking-savvy people, so ease of use is not particularly important. Ultimate capability, feature set, and tweakability are far more important. Reliability and stability are hugely important. Low cost is nice too. One that runs Linux internally with firmware we can mess with is a plus too.


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David Schwartz
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I suggest you to use USRobotics 9106. It suits to your requests.

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Look into ActionTec products. Latest TI ASDL 2/2+ tech.. (Max connect speed & reliability, even for older DSL connections) 2.4.17 linux kernel.. iptables & routing capability(subnets). Several models available off the shelf at Compusa. Buy one, try it out for a couple of weeks, return it if you don't like it.

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