HELP - Slow wireless internet connection

Ok folks I need some help...

I have a 3com wireless router. On the status screen it connects at 2200, which is right

But when I do a speed test on ADSL guide I get anywhere between 300 and

700. I got excellent speeds on my wires router which I disconnected a few hours ago. I have a PCMCIA card in the laptop and the singnal strength goes from good to very good.

So, why does my connection to the internet suck? It must be somwhere between the laptop and the router...

On the plus side my DS works great, which is what I got it for

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I had a similar problem, caused by another unit operating nearby on the same channel (11).

Switch the router off and scan the spectrum with your laptop, if you find another access point on the same channel, just shift one up or down and it should be ok.

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