Re: DSL problems caused by your own lighting (Dimmer Switches)

I have read through your article on Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning

> Guide, we have to replaced our dimmers switches that has the > capability of filtering out RFI interference.

What you want are switches with RFI filtering to prevent interference with DSL.

My question is, is there any RFI inteference filter that can be used > to connect the phone line to the RFI Filter and from the RFI Filter > to the ADSL2 Modem?

RFI filters are used to block interference on frequencies used by DSL, so they would also block the DSL signal itself.

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John Navas
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Firstly, if the dsl dis-sync of the modem is caused by the dimmer switch, I would have to buy a new dimmer switch with RFI/EMI function for the modem to "adapt" to my dimmers?

Secondly, my telephone wiring is more than 15 yrs now (2007) and I assume that it is now twisted/shielded PSTN/RJ11/CAT1 wires. Would that affect/cause interference to my ADSL2 modem? Would you recommend for a change?

Thanks in advace

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On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 08:28:56 -0700, Rule-Ur-Wayz wrote in :


To prevent the switch from interfering with your DSL.

It probably _is_ standard twisted-pair telephone wiring.

What might help your DSL is to run a new dedicated high-grade cable (preferably CAT5) from a high-grade DSL splitter at the demarc to your DSL "modem". That avoids any problems from your home phone wiring and eliminates the need for micro-filters on all phone outlets (but not RFI filters on dimmers).

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John Navas


How about changing the ADSL2+ Modem to DLink or Linksys ADSL2+ Modems? I currently using Speedtouch 536v6 given by my ISP. Would it solve the DSL Problem without changing the dimmer switch?

Next, I also realise that street lamps affect DSL Sync? I am staying at an high-rise apartment. Does street lamps affect DSL Sync no matter how high you live in an apartment?


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