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I recently got sbc Yahoo dsl. They sent me the 2wire 1070-b modem. It works great and the software that comes with it is great as well. You don't have to download their web browzer, etc. But here's the strange part. I purchased a linksys BEFSR41 cable/dsl router. It would not install it by the software or by there install software from there web page. Phoned customer service and they walked me thru everything , we tried pinging , etc with no luck. They said it was no good, the router that is. Ok I purchased another one today, sane model exactly but from a store about 100 miles away from where I purchased the last one. Guess what same problem. We tried both on 2 different computers with 2 different OS and each had the same results. Serial numbers are about

5000 different. Could it be possible that both of these are shot????
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Give the following link a read.

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a quick read it appears the setup problems you described can be fixed by following their suggestions.

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