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I have recently connected a Netgear DG632 router to access AOL however I can only browse web pages using the aol proprietry browser as if I use IE6 I can only access web sites like Google but other do not load. If I ping other addresses e.g. it times out or comes back

back as destination net unreachable.

I have tried numerous things suggested by Netgear but to no avail.

Please can someone take pity on me as I do not have much hair left:

Sytem Specs and current config:

Windows XP home edition Firewall Disabled System virus and spyware checked IE6 uninstalled and re-installed and set to Medium low on internet security and set to check its the default browser.

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First, there is no reason to post basically the same message three times. Second, WHY in the world are you still using AOL? As you have found out, their support is really poor when it come to help with networking. Their browser can really mess with your computer and even your hardware vendor can't help you. By the way, I wouldn't run IE without a firewall. There are STILL lots of security holes in it.

My advice: Get rid of AOL. There are MANY good ISPs out there and they allow you to use your choice of browsers (and IE isn't a good choice). You will save money, have better security, and all your (networking) stuff will work.

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Bill R

Sounds like you need to set either windows or the router to use the correct DNS. Talk with your ISP to get the nameservers it uses and either enter them into your router or windows - depending on your configuration (dhcp or non-dhcp). If you are getting an IP from your router (dhcp), then there will be a place to enter the nameservers in the routers configuration screen.


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