Min. voice ckt needed for DSL...

I'm starting to think that Comcast's $50/month for 6000/384 service is giving me bandwidth I don't need, and don't want to pay for. I'm not a file-download maniac, so they could increase to 10,000 downstream, and there'd be no more value in it for me.

I turned off my Verizon land-line in favor of Vonage, and love it. But I know I need to get a voice line back in, to get DSL. QUESTION: Will Verizon provision DSL over a "Message Rate" line, (~$10/month) on their website. You see, unless I can get (voice ckt + DSL cost) to be equal or less than the current $50/month I'm paying to Comcast, it doesn't pay to move. Also, what can you tell me about how well Vonage works over the 3000/768 DSL service? I know latency to first hop is ~24ms, as apposed to Comcast's 7ms.

Rationale: The 768K upstream has MUCH more value to me, than the 384K upstream with Comcast.



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Maybe not; here in Minnesota Qwest provides DSL-only circuits. The official name is "stand alone DSL", but it's often called "naked DSL".

Maybe Verizon has the same in your area.

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Verizon will provision ADSL over any Verizon dialtone line you have, even if it is the cheapest they offer.

You might also investigate "Dry Loop DSL" also known as "Naked DSL". Verizon is starting to offer it in some areas and will be expanding the offerings next year.

Finally, how far are you from the Central Office? Are you close enough to get the 3.0M/768K service? If you are too far, you'll only qualify for 1.5M/384K or even 768K/128K.

Even though the distance estimarors are usually inaccurate, they will let you know, relatively, if you are close or far.

Also, having DSL on a phone line also gives you a backup dialtone line for emegrencies/power outages and E-911 with *accurate* location information.


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