Lucent DSLMax20 And MRTG

I've searched the internet thoroughly for an answer to this question, yet I can't find one. I simply want to monitor my Lucent DSLMax20 T1 concentrator for bandwidth on the T1 interface like I have for years with my Cisco T1 routers. Can someone tell me how to accomplish this? The config below always returns 0 for all traffic:

Target[rj25]: 1:snmpuser@ MaxBytes[rj25]: 193000 Title[rj25]: Traffic Analysis - Lucent Concentrator PageTop[rj25]: Stats for Lucent Concentrator Options[rj25]: growright

I've tried various versions of this line:

Target[rj25]: 2:snmpuser@ Target[rj25]: 3:snmpuser@ Target[rj25]: 4:snmpuser@

Still, all return 0. Can somebody please tell me what I should be trying so I can stop guessing?

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Try this

Target[rj25]: /

where is the local IP address of DSLMAX20 T1 connection.

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