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Could someone share a working MRTG configuration for graphing the traffic over the outside interface of a PIX 501? cfgmaker doesn't work because the PIX doesn't allow snmpwalk, and I have a pretty hard time figuring out the OIDs from the documentation.

TIA Tilman

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Tilman Schmidt
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The PIX 501 -does- allow snmpwalk if I recall correctly. It's been more than a year since I last looked, but I'm pretty certain that I walked our PIXen several times. You need to configure

snmp-server host inside IPADDRESS poll snmp-server community SomeSNMPCommunity

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Walter Roberson

here is the config. But as Walter stated you need to configure SNMP also. Confgmaker should work. Worked for me.

Target[Pix_Outside]: 1:yoursnmpstringonpix@insideipaddress: SetEnv[Pix_Outside]: MRTG_INT_IP="yourexternalip" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Pix_Outside" MaxBytes[Pix_Outside]: 193000 Title[Pix_Outside]: Traffic Analysis for Pix_Outside PageTop[Pix_Outside]: Traffic Analysis for Pix_Outside System: in Maintainer: Your Name Description: Pix_Outside ifType: ethernetCsmacd (6) ifName: Pix Outside Interface Max Speed: 1250.0 kBytes/s

Ip: Your IP address of outside interface

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Ronnie Higginbotham

Walter Roberson schrieb:

So it does. I thought I had read otherwise, but I was mistaken.

That's what was missing. Everything works fine now.

Thanks a lot, Tilman

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