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Hi, I hope this newsgroup still alive... I'm wondering where can I find comparisons or experiences about the performance of several DSLAMs or MSANs. What are good quality brands? I know Zhone, Versatek, Sino, Zyxel, Calix, ITAS, Planet, VisionNet, VATEL. Where can I buy cheap ones? What is the best way to combine a DSLAM for providing also POTS (through IP Phone FXS)? I want to install a ADSL2+ infrastructure for internet providing in my building since our ISP is becoming extremely expensive (US$ 40/mo for 6mbps). Thanks in advance

-- Regards, Cro

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Late I know but there is an active group in the comp.dcom.telecom newsgroup with people who might just be interested in talking about the stuff you mentioned.

This is a moderated newsgroup and you will need to append [telecom] to the end of the subject line or your message will get filtered out.

Other than just plain blatant retail sales messages or spam almost all other messages get posted there after being checked by a moderator.

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