XBox 360 Wireless & Linksys ????

I have a LinkSys Wireless N router (WRT150N) and my son wants to add an Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter to play online. Does anyone know if these things are compatable with each other? Thanks!

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James Kaplan
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James, I researched this as we have the 360 and I bought the Wireless N router. To my serious dismay I learned they are only partially compatible. You can get a connection but you cannot play online games without disruption. Microsoft claims it does work but I have not been able to work it out yet. Cisco told me they are not compatible. What I did not know is that N is still a draft standard that has yet to be approved by a standards body. The 360 works fine with the older wireless G router. You also have to buy the 360 wireless adapter that attaches to the back of the 360. If you managed to solve the problem with the N, please let me know how you did it. Brian

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