WRT54GS in bridge mode

Take a look at the Linksys WET54GS5 - it is a wireless bridge with a single antenna designed to do exactly what you want to accomplish.

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Would it be possible to set one Linksys WRT54GS (with sveasoft firmware) in each end of a 5km wireless link to have an encrypted link allowing

*anything* pass through just like if it was a cable (i.e. no router ports closed)?

Would the WRT54GS also provide NAT in such a configuration allowing us to simply connect a LAN switch to each of them to connect the computer workgroup at each end of the wl link together just as if there was a LAN cable between the two sites?

The WRT54GS has two rubber duck antennas at the back. When I need an external 24dBi grid antenna connected, do I need two of these too, or can I just use one of the antenna sockets for the antenna and leave the second empty?

Thanks for comments / info on these issues



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Tor Tveitane

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