WRT54G Firmware Upgrade

, ND I went to Network adapters under "Device Manager".

For the record, in Windows XP, Start -> Control Panel -> System ->

Hardware Management -> Device Managers -> expand Network adaptors ->

Right click on the wireless device, and select Properties.

I am doing this checking from a laptop with wireless capability (g). The channel is showing to be 11. I now remember that after I created my own net key for WPA, initially at channel 6 (tech support asked me to leave it hat way), I couldn't get onto the wireless network, actually, I didn't see my network and so I called the tech support and he made me change to channel 11. (It was during this time, he also made me turn the modem to a bridge and set PPPoE for connection type in the router).

During that setup, I also changed my net key to dice words. So my question now is could I have been able to keep my non-diceword key and get onto the network once the channel was changed to 11 (without turning the modem to a bridge, etc.)? At this point,I would not change my diceword based net key but want to understand whether problem of not being able to get onto the network, actually couldn't even see the network, was channel issue only or not.

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mimi hath wroth:

Yet another way. Right click on the "My Computah" on the desktop. Select Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> etc. I think you're working under the "advanced" tab.

Fastest way: Start -> Run -> cmd devmgmt.msc

Extra credit: To go directly to various control panel and admin appletes, first make a list with: Start -> Run -> cmd cd \\windows\\system32 (or winnt for w2K) dir *.msc You can kinda guess what they do by decoding the file names. For example, gpedit.msc is the Group Policy Editor.

That will not work. The "properties" for your unspecified wireless device is usually a rather extensive list. There are several places where it lists the wireless channel. One is for ad-hoc networking only and will change the channel. The other is for infrstructure type networking and will change as soon as you connect to an access point. I guess(tm) that the setting is there for a starting channel when the client scans for a suitable access point to connect. In infrastructure mode, the channel is controlled by the access point, not the client.

You're mixing two questions here. Encryption has nothing to do with channel. You can mangle the encryption any way you want, and you still be able to connect. That's because the access point controls the channel, not the client computah. If you tweak the registry or device properties to claim that the client is on channel 1, but the access point is on channel 11, you're going to end up on channel 11 (in infrastructure mode). Ad-hoc is a different story.

No clue why you can't connect (or what you're trying to accomplish). Since you're into tweaking, it's likely that you have changed something that shouldn't have been changed. Hard to tell from here, especially since you didn't disclose what device you're tweaking. In another part of this thread, you seem to have solve the encryption key problem, so I guess it's fixed.

Incidentally, if you're a masochist, try enabling the Windoze Wireless diagnostic output using: netsh ras set tracing * en net stop wzcsvc net start wzcsvc Look for log files in: c:\\windoze\\tracing\\ directory. There's quite a bit of output, but something should show up in wzctrace.log.

I usually save a trace file collection for a normal connection. Then, when something goes awry, I can compare it with the current version.

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Jeff Liebermann

mimi hath wroth:

I have no idea what he was doing. Channel 6 is the most commonly used channel. That's because it's dead center in the middle of the band, which puts it in the middle of the bandpass filter pass band, the middle of the antenna VSWR curve, and generally at the performance peak. The bad news is that everyone else does the same thing thus creating the maximum potential for interference. For example, at this time, I can see 6 networks on Channel 6, and a total of 4 on all the other channels.

Nope. That's because I have only a bad clue what you're using for hardware. You've also added your question on the tail end of someone else's problem thus creating a muddle. The subject line says "WRT54G Firmware Upgrade". I think you have a WRT54G but I'm not sure.

For a marginal site survey under Windoze, see Netstumbler:

or Wi-Fi Hopper:

The problem is that Netstumbler and Hopper do NOT show wireless clients. For that you need a promiscuous or monitor mode driver for your unspecified hardware. That means either spending money for one, or switching to Linux using Kismet.

It's not as bad as it might sound as there are "Live CD's" that boot Linux and offer Kismet on a simulated Windoze desktop. I suggest:

Be sure your wireless device is supported before blundering onwards. There are quite a few other hacker tools that might be worth trying. (Welcome to the dark side).

Then you don't need "802.11b compatibility" in the router. Turn it off in the router.

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Jeff Liebermann

"NotMe" hath wroth:

Can I pass on this? I don't want to post a "Jeff's Favorites" list. Too much work and too easy to misinterpret. Basically, I like Cisco, Sonicwall, 3com, and various wireless switch vendors.

It's not a "wireless router". It's a "wireless client ethernet bridge" (or something like that). List of suitable candidates at:

Note that not all of those listed have a wireless client mode. Some are point to point bridges only, and are rather clumsy to use for a roving RV. Check the data sheet first.

I'm jealous. However, I prefer Radio Mobile:

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Acutally, you can just type devmgmt.msc in the run line. You don't need the CMD. Start > Run > devmgmt.msc. You can even create a shortcut on the desktop pointing directly to devmgmt.msc.

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Is there any significant difference between Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 and WHR-G54S? The "HP" model seems to be not available in Australia

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