I got a Linksys WRT54G ver3 wireless ap/router. I'm looking to upgrade the security from WPA to WPA2 by firmware flash. The latest Linksys firmware does not provide WPA2 security. Is there a third party firmware for WRT54G device that can turn it into a WPA2 enabled device? Thanks.

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Is it new enough you could exchange it for a version 5 or 6 router? If you've had it some time, I can't answer your question about 3rd party software. If someone doesn't come along soon to help you out here, you might try your question here:


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dd-wrt will support WPA2 on that model.

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Seth Goodman

DD-WRT should do the trick for you. Whateveer you do don't return it for a ver5 or 6 like the other poster mentioned. You have better hardware right now. A quick look at the dd-wrt features reveals that it does support WPA2.

Feature list:

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Bryant Smith

openwrt.org will get you where you wanna go.

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Todd H.

Yes, I just read wiki article about WRT54G. It does indeed show that v3 has better hardware.

Btw, last night I flashed my WRT54G v3 with the latest Linksys firmware. To my surprise, it actually enables WPA2 security. Under wireless security options, there are new entries: WPA2 Enterprise, WPA2 Personal etc. They didn't exist before the upgrade. I guess I was wrong on my first post to say that it isn't supported. I find that kinda odd because Linksys does not even mention WPA2 feature in the update "readme" documentation.

Anyway, now I'd like to upgrade my WinXP SP2 (Pro and Home) WiFi security from WPA to WPA2. Is "Update for Windows XP (KB893357)" needed or WinXP SP2 is WPA2 ready without the update? Is anyone of you using WinXP SP2 with WPA2? Care to comment?

Thanks again.

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