WPA broken?

: Wireless networks that use a popular form of security known as : Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) are vulnerable to an attack that : could compromise certain communications in less than 15 minutes, : two researchers plan to tell attendees next week at the PacSec : 2008 conference in Tokyo.

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Axel Hammerschmidt
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Switch to WPA2-AES

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Not precisely accurate:

"The attack does not allow the key protecting the communications to be recovered, one of the researchers stressed... The new attack on WPA is not a complete key recovery attack... It just allows you to decrypt packets and inject packets with custom content. But there is only a single short-term key recovered during the attack."

So nobody is going to be using this to steal wireless connectivity from you, or use your connection to send spam or viruses, or to hack your OS.

If your firmware supports it.

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Mark McIntyre

Yep. It's being installed in aircrack-ng source (but not yet in pre-compiled distribution binaries):


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Jeff Liebermann

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