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I use a Linksys WRT54G on a 10mbits cable DSL line. Works well enough on the wired side but the wireless side throughput is not quite up to serving the maximum the connection can provide.

I am getting approx 600k downloads to wireless G centrino laptop, compared to 1000k to 1100k on the wired side - no matter distance from router, etc. I have changed router firmware to DD-Wrt and been tweaking wireless settings but cant seem to get any improvement.

So, first of all I guess - am I correct in thinking my 54G should be able to reach full download on my 10Mbps cable line?

If so, any recommendations for a wireless DSL router that will provide the full wireless throughput?

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On 22 Jul 2006 10:22:32 GMT, "jas0n" wrote in :

Find and eliminate sources of wireless interference. Try different channels. Read the wikis below.

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John Navas

Bits and Bytes again. Please pick one unit of measure.

I'll guess(tm) that you're getting 1000KBytes/sec, which is

8Mbits/sec. That's about what I would expect from a 10Mbit/sec cable modem. 600KBytes/sec is 4.8Mbits/sec which is about what I would expect from a decent 11Mbit/sec wireless 802.11b (not G) connection. So, the first thing you check is what connection speed are you getting on the wireless client? You didn't supply a maker, model number, or operating system, so I'll leave it to you to find the connection speed. If it's 11Mbit/sec, you have a problem.

Which EXACT version of DD-WRT? It's on the status page in the upper right hand corner. Mine says: DD-WRT v23 SP1-RC4 (05/12/06) std (Oops. That should be SP1 Final, not one of release candidates). The reason I ask is that some of the earlier versions had some nasy bugs a few of which affected wireless thruput.

Also, what *HARDWARE* version of the WRT54G are you using? V1.1 has a slow processor and had problems with anything over about 6Mbits/sec thruput.

Yes. A 54Mbit/sec wireless connection should yield 25Mbits/sec in thruput, which should be more than enough for your 10Mbit/sec cable modem.

You have the make and model I would recommend with the firmware I would recommend. I have serveral of these and they work just fine. Try it with a known working laptop borrowed from a friend and see if the problem is in the router or the wireless client. Also, try dragging your Centrino laptop to someplace with broadband and see how it works elsewhere.

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Jeff Liebermann

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 21:51:40 GMT, Jeff Liebermann wrote in :

Nasy? :)

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John Navas

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