How much performance degradation to expect Wired to Wireless

I have a 3 Mbps Cable Modem connection from Comcast. When I am wired
over 100 Mbps Ethernet, I am able to see close to 3 Mbps of throughput
running a variety of the DSL speed test software on web sites.
When I switch over to a wireless connection (PC Wireless to Linksys WAP
11. Linksys WAP 11 to Cable Modem) my throughput drops to about
600kbps. While I expect some degradation, dropping down to 600K seems
to be an excessive drop.
Is that what I should expect in terms of performance degradation or is
there something else going on with my network
Config Info:
Linkys WAP 11 Access Point ver 1.1 firmware rev 1.4f. Compaq Evo N610C
laptop with W200 wirless lan NIC and running Windows XP
Vish Mulchand
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The WAP11 is 802.11b. With an 11Mbit/sec connection, you should get about 4.5 to 6.0 Mbits/sec thruput. Something is seriously broken at 0.6Mbits/sec.
Current firmware version is 1.4i.1.
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With or without XP SP2? It probably has nothing to do with the problem, but it helps to know the details. I don't have any idea why it's so slow. Take the laptop to a wireless free hot spot and see if it works normally (and at normal speed). If so, the WAP11v1.1 might sick.
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Jeff Liebermann
Thanks. WEP is not enabled because I use VPNs (which have IPSec encryption turned on) mostly and I have MAC Address filtering turned on as well. I am on channel 10 and its interesting idea to try and change channels - i have not tried that. I have updated all of my Wireless NIC drivers and I will try switching channels
mhicaoidh wrote:
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thanks. good suggestions on things to try and i will go at it. BTW running SP2
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Taking a moment's reflection, Vish mused: | | Is that what I should expect in terms of performance degradation or is | there something else going on with my network
Do you have encryption enabled? You should, and it won't hurt throughput that much. More importantly, what channel are you on? Try 1, 6, and 11 ... I got lousy throughput on channel 11 (due to two other networks that were hiding their SSIDs). I switched to channel 1, and get nearly the same throughput from my laptop as I do with my wired desktop.
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