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A friend has just bought a wireless router , a Netgear WPN834.They are using WPA.When trying to connect to it wirelessly, the other PC(Laptop) can find the network but cannot connect .Signal Strength is full. Tried turning off the security altogether and still cannot connect. From what I can understand the card in the laptop is a Prism 3 IEEE 802.11b .

Please , if you can offer any advice, keep it simple, neither of us are particularly techinically minded !!


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I haven't researched the Netgear WPN834, however, make sure that your wireless router is set to either B & G or just B if you want that particular laptop's card to be able to communicate with it. Also, there are many wireless B cards that DO NOT support WPA or WPA2 or WPA-PSK. I haven't researched the Prism 3 card so I cannot say whether or not it supports WPA. Anyway, let us know if this solves your issue.

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Doug Jamal

Yes, the router is set up for b&g . She did try disabling security altogether and still couldnt connect.

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On Mon, 02 Apr 2007 06:35:29 GMT, "LionOfTheSouth" wrote in :

  1. Make sure MAC filtering is turned off. Ideally, hard reset the wireless access point to manufacturer defaults and start over.
  2. Make sure all wireless devices have the latest firmware.
  3. Put the wireless client about 6 feet from the wireless access point when testing.
  4. See if the wireless client can connect to some other wireless (e.g., public hotspot).
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