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I have recently bought a Netgear DG834G wireless router and a DLink DWL 510 wireless PCI card. I have one PC with the DLink installed and I want to connect to the router which is connected to my ADSL line.

When the router boots up I have three green lights, one for the power, one for the ADSL line and one for the wireless signal.

The DLink card has been installed and is recognised by the operating system, which is Windows XP SP1.

The network connection dialog says that there is an excellent signal which tells me that it can see the router, but my problem is that I cannot ping the router ( and if I do IPCONFIG it tells me that my IP address is

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can get this up and running?



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I've never played with wireless. I would read the manual for both pieces and you should find what you need. Make sure you have networking installed on your OS. There should be a network wizard to take you through it (try help [F1] on desktop).

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A wireless access card is basically a NIC with a radio transceiver. Your computer needs a new network connection set up to use that specific NIC. While it can see the NIC and receive information from it, it (windows) has no idea what to DO with that NIC yet. Start, control panel, network connections, new connection wizard. Run that, then reboot. That should do it. -Dave

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Dave C.

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Also don't forget the security settings on your router. You should disable them to begin with. MAC filters and encryption will let you see the connection but will prevent you from actually connecting to the router.

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