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This is the setup I am working with:

SBC Yahoo! DSL Netgear WGR614 v3 Router and 4-port switch Speedstream DSL modem Computer 1 (Linkworld) a custom built K7S5A Pro (includes NIC) Athlon 2000+ Windows XP Home-based system Computer 2 (GQ) a Fry's GQ computer with built in NIC, and a USB Adapter and Windows XP Home Computer 3 (eMachines) an eMachines T1090 (no NIC) with Windows XP Home and a Siemens Speedstream USB Adapter (both adapters are Wireless-B)

The first two computers in the same room are connected to the router through a wired connection.

I used the XP Network Setup Wizard and the option "My computer connects to the internet through another computer or residential gateway" on all of them, and all three can access the DSL. It would be desired that GQ use a wireless connection, though for now, the wired is OK.

My concern is how do I set up some sort of WEP or other encryption? Also, how do I ensure that only those computers I want on the network can access it?



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John Seeliger
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If you just want to block freeloaders from using your wireless connection, you could try our WIFI internet access blocker at

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(It's free)

If you want to prevent hackers from accessing your data, I would go with WPA instead of WEP.

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