Will Wireless work for me?

Ok here is my setup:

2 computers: 1 running Vista the other XP (both fairly new with good specs)2 1 computer is upstairs in my house the other 1 floor below.

Here is what I want.....

  • To be able to securely network my computers so I can share files possibly using a network drive.
  • To be able to setup my printer as a network printer so both of my computers can print from it.
  • To maintain my current speed of internet connection (cable 10mps).

1) Is this posible?

2) What equipment do I need? (recommendations welcome)

3) Would a wired lan work better for me and if so whatkit would I need for this?

4) How do I setup my computers to form a network?

Thanks to any and all who reply, Glenn

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As the PCs are on different levels (floors) ethernet may be the best bet, from a signal strength perspective.


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me here

Yes this is possible, either by wireless or wired

If you go wireless you may need a wireless router and a wireless adapter card for each computer

A wired connection will always be faster than wireless....AND more secure. Assuming that each computer already has an ethernet port, I would, for economy purposes, add another network card to computer #1. Run a cable from the new network card (not expensive) to the ethernet port in computer #2. Then run an ethernet cable from your cable modem to the first port in computer #1. Be sure your firewalls are turned on. This should work, basically without any other configuration by you, though Vista may have some prompts that require attention. If you want another layer of security, add a single port router between your modem and computer #1.

If you want wireless capability for a future laptop or game device, change the single port router to a 4 port wireless router like a Linksys WRT54G. If you do this, you will not need the second ethernet card for computer #1. Just take one cable from the 4 port router to computer #1 and another cable from the 4 port router to computer #2.

See #3

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On 2 Mar 2007 15:56:34 -0800, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote in :

I think your best bet is powerline networking.

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John Navas

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