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Im trying to set up wireless for my mate and am a bit stuck!

We have a Sweex Router/Modem

I got the wireless bit working ok but cant get on the internet!

I now have a pc connected to the router via Network cable and dont really know how to get it online. Where do I have to put the username and password etc??


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Mako wrote in news:dkm5j7$gd7$ snipped-for-privacy@nwrdmz01.dmz.ncs.ea.ibs-infra.bt.com:

Doesn't the router have a User Manual that has step by step instructions on how to connect the router to the ISP and any PC(s) wire or wireless to the router to access the Internet?

There is also the router's Help Support phone number that you can use to have them help you. That's what they are there for is to help you hook it up.

Also, you should consider that below the basics.

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