Help me choose AP/wireless router

I want a new wireless router/AP.. Something that has a WAN port - will separate WiFi and intranet - a switch. Plus it should support a few standards. My target standard is 802.11g, it would be nice if AP could support some others, such as 802.11y, 802.11n, and 802.11b, and

802.11a.. But I mostly care about g, and the price.

Oh.. I would like something that already has connectors for external antennas or could be easily modified to have them, so that I could install antennas outside.

My main concerns are PRICE, the cheaper the better. Compatibility. And brand name that is commited to supporting their product.

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Airman Thunderbird

Most any of the Buffalo's or a WRT54GL. either way load dd-wrt on them..

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