Inventel Livebox-AC60

Help Please.

My Name is Victor. I live in Coventry, GB. I help people with their many PC problems and learn new things along the way. Internet is a pain in the butt for most people

Some friends of mine have the above wireless router from Orange (mobile phone services provider). They want to use it to have a broadband internet connection, but have not had any joy with it since Xmas. They are using it via their BT line, which I believe is missing the digital signal. They have complained to BT and Orange. Both companies assure them that each one's equipment is working well. I have taken the wireless router away and intend to try it out on a friends BT line, where there is a digital signal present. To this end, I need to know exactly which lights should be dissplayed on the wireless router, when they should be on and whether they should flash or be static and if static, after how long a connection time.

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Thanks in anticipation!

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As I don't reply to e-mail addresses. Have you actually tried "Orange's" procedures for the "LIVEBOX"? I haven't tried any of the recent builds but they used to only work on the "Orange" network, so I would check to see if it is compatible with the network you are going to test it on.


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$solution_id&groupId=1&directSolutionLink=3&gotoLink=0&page=&clusterName=DefaultCluster&docType=1006&docPropValue=kb400 Getting "Pairing" to work is one of the problems people seem to have.

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