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Hi Group, Have been asked to put a DVR and bullet cam in a Taxi. Have sorced the kit for the job from Hong Kong.What I want to know is how will I get power to this? without making the battery in the taxi go flat. It is 12v kit but I am not clued up on cars. Another question could I mess the cars computer up ( modern cars) if I disconnect the batt to in stall the equipment?

Thank you .


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Micky Savage
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Hi Micky,

Connect the DVR and camera through the ignition circuit so the system doesn't draw any current when switched off.

You shouldn't have any problems with the car by disconnecting the battery, just make sure you have the code for radio if there is one.

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Paul Ekins

Hi Mickey You don't say the type of cab but if it's a Black Cab the batteries are deliberately oversized to allow for being parked up etc.If its yer local Cavalier private hire it's a different matter .Most are std cars already overloaded with 2way radio meter and extra lights. Either way the best (and safest) way is to run a feed via a 30/45a relay directly from the battery (protected by a suitable in line fuse.) The relay can then be energised via the ignition or auxiliary circuit of the vehicle.All the kit is readily available at your local car spares shop or Halfords and shouldn't cost more than a fiver. If the car is petrol injection mount the dvr as far away from the ecu as possible as the ECU's of some cars throw out all kinds of noise.


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