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Hi Group, I have been asked to install a 12v dvr and bullet cam in a taxi, ( modern saloon car). My questions are:- 1 How do a get a power supply to this system without causing the battery to go flat at night? and 2:- Will I mess the the cars computer management system up if I disconnect the battery to connect the system. I have sorced a system from my supplier in Hong Kong, but I know nothing about car electrics.

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Micky. Leeds U.K.

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Micky Savage
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Connect the DVR to a switched power that's only on when the ignition is either in the "on" or "accessory" position. With the key out the DVR will not draw power. Disconnecting the battery won't affect the car's computer.

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Robert L Bass

It can, but it's not a disaster. Often the EMS will 'forget' the tuning information it has learned. The first 5-10 miles afterwards it needs to relearn the optimum engine tuning, and it may run a bit rough whilst that's happening.

Also, make sure you have keycodes for anything such as the radio, which you'll need to re-enter.

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Andrew Gabriel

"Micky Savage" a écrit dans le message de groupe de discussion :

If the dvr will restart recording with out any manipulation afetr a power shut down, you can connect your supply to the dvr and camera to the battery and cut it by a relay strong enough to support such current , this relay should be controled by the accessories output of the car so that when the car is not running no power goes to the dvr/cam.

be carefull with the volatage going to the bullet cam, seen some of those get pretty hot if the power is close to 14 volts and up!

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Good advice there: most cheap 12VDC bullet/board cams don't do well with over-voltage, and your car's electrical system can put out up to 15V. Might want to look into adding a small regulator board to its power (the DVR should be a lot more robust running straight off the car's power).

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